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Originally Posted by bird
I'm thinking its my halo B.
Here are the issues I had with the Halo and the ACS bolt. Since the Halo adds force to the balls to feed them faster they sit on top of the bolt. If your bolt is the one I am thinking of it will have a ridge at the front tip. That ridge will cut a ball when the bolt moves back to recock and feed the next ball since the force is pushing the soft ball against the Delrin plastic/ metal bolt. Then when it falls into place it breaks and hence all the next balls break also if you don't clean it out right away. I would try a different bolt and see if that fixes the issue. One way to test the detents is to put a ball in the breech and see if it rolls forward out of place. If it doesn't then the detents should still be ok. Kila detents are awesome. I have them on all my guns. Rob from Kila takes great pride in his customer service and that is why I recommend them.
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