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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

Ok, first official day of playing with it, so I figured I'd continue the review to include actual play. Not that it matters, but I played both woods and speedball today. It was pretty windy today - 15-30 mph with strong gusts all afternoon. Temperature at around 62 degrees, sunny and paint was relatively new.

I can tell you that I chrono'd a little low, but it was a bad ball to barrel match so I just adjusted the reg. Chrono was +/- 5 (300, 301, 301, 302, 297, 297, 301). Remember though, the reg still isn't broken in yet. I have probably finally shoot 2000 balls through it. I was using Nightmare (or Midnight, can't really remember as I traded it later on in the day), at PSP ramping at 20 bps for the gits and shiggles of it.

For some reason, there is just some paint that my particular Rail can't shoot. I was using old Nelsplatt before and it was exploding (I've come to the conclusion it wasn't chopping, but just exploding paint - not even barrel breaks). Same thing with the Nighmare I was using today. I would try to get off a string of paint, and it would just blow up. However, I threw some Scorch I had in laying around and didn't experience a single chop, barrel break or exploding ball. So, I traded for some Heat and sure enough, my breaking paint problem was solved!

I ended up using my stock Proto one piece barrel because the Un1tec was a bit small for the Heat. I have always said this and believe it even more today - this barrel is a great barrel! None of this "It's a decent stock barrel" business - it's a good barrel period. Nice placement of shots and though not necessarily "ball on ball" I was glad I used it because I know my shooting, and it couldn't all be me, that's for sure!

My field owner wasn't prepared today so he only had 2000 psi fills. Even so, I was shooting 2 pods and a loader per 1000 psi (I never allowed it to go below 500 psi, so it never leaked on me.) If you figure the math, at 2 pods (180 balls each approx.) and a full loader (another 180 approx.), that's approx. 530-560 shots per 1000 fill. So, in a perfect world, that would be 2000 + shots on a 4500 fill. I know it really doesn't work that way, but it would be close! Not bad at all.

I've heard stories of inaccuracy and shoot down in the Rail, both of which I saw neither of today. I was ripping strings of 20 bps all afternoon and never saw shoot down one single time and most shots were very close to each other - not going to say ball on ball, but it's as close as any shooting I've done before. Didn't feel a bit of kick, and didn't experience much barrel rise either, but in the heat of the moment, I tend not to think of that stuff!

My overall thoughts on this gun is that it is an amazing gun for the price I paid, and probably would be amazing at more than that as well. I had several people asking me about it today and wanting to play with it, but I wouldn't let them because I like being the only guy at the field with a particular gun!

For the price, the ease of maintenance, the looks, the feel of the gun, the board, and the quality - I give it an 8.5 out of 10, but only because I think it's priced too low.
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