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Default Re: Angel pics and initial review

Well first day out with her and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. This morning I setup the Joy/Rage pressures and settings (mini reg 270 psi and LPR 57 psi) and headed out. First shots over the chrono where deadon at 285, 280, 282, 280, 279. With the Anti-bolt stick (ABS, overcomes any static resistance on the bolt after not being fired for more than 15 seconds) set a 1.25 msec the first shot is a little hotter than the sequential shoots. I ran a couple over the chrono in semi to see what the ROF was, dumb-founded to see 22 bps. My old hands do not walk the trigger like they used to and honestly I wasn't really trying all that hard.
So I hit the field, first match 3 on 3, off the break I take out the wirey little guy heading for the snake, you know the type, turns sideways and disappears, once I get to my first bunker I start working her. Within a couple of minutes its 2 on 1, not in my favor. I get a shot at half of one guys head behind a dorito 25 yards away and put 2 balls no more than 2 inches apart right across his lense. The other guy leaned just enough of his halo out for me to add a little color on it. Now, I'm an alright player and all, but this baby has definitely up'd my game. I was sending bullseyes across the field (45 yards, give or take) with a grouping of maybe 3-4 inches, all day long. It's so light and compact that switching between strong and off-hand is almost effortless.
Now I expected to burn through paint, but after awhile once I got settled in I was noticing that I was walking off the field with at least half a hopper or more after each round. Once I got used to shooting her I started relying on snapping 1 or 2 shots off and knowing they hit their mark.
I played both front and back today and have to say that with the sheer volume of paint you can lay down and accuracy along with light weight and compact size, the angel works equally well in either position.
The only thing left I guess is efficiency, I had my scuba tank filled this morning and the guy only got me to 2700 psi, I used one case of paint and I have ~2100 psi of pressure still in the scuba tank. Now I have no idea what that equates to. I never let the tank pressure drop below 1000 psi and I think I refilled 4 or 5 times, I wasn't really paying to much attention. That's about it, I have to admit that it wasn't easy overcoming the price tag of the Angel 1, but one thing is for sure I am so glad I did. Oh one more thing, I guess there was an issue with the soft kiss bolt, so WDP sends out upgraded bolts to any registered owner that asks for one, free, shipping included. Well that's about it.
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