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Default Re: Whats The Better Hopper?

Even though the Pulse is more expensive and the Halo B V35 can feed 35 bps, both are essentially inadequate compared to the Empire Reloader B. It is a modified mechanical system of the Halo B, using the same drive, same agitator, except it operates through sound, and not eyes.

The Halo B is temperamental in this regard. ESPECIALLY for the MR2, whose high operating pressure makes it prone to such inadequacies as chamber breaks. With mine, the paint has a tendency to shoot up the feedneck, and God knows what that does to eyes. Not to mention, you can't even try to use paint with dark-colored shells; it will absorb the infrared radiation, causing the mechanism to believe there is no ball in the feedneck, and activating itself. And then it gets worse. With the V35 board, you can chop thirty to sixty paintballs before you have the opportunity to turn it off or engage the rip drive.

Although I admit I don't know much about the Pulse system, I heard some people complaining that the sound-activated mechanism actually lags behind due to an inefficient board. For instance, a player may ramp, engaging full auto, hearing the motor start and stop whirring after every shot. However, after about every tenth shot, the lag catches up to the operating speed of the board (which will be much much quicker with a T-board, BTW), and the motor allows the gun to dry-fire. This may not be much of a downside, but for the third-costliest feed system on the planet (behind the Q & warpfeed systems), I suggest you find an alternative.

Get the Reloader B - sound activated, board proven to 22+ BPS and upgradable in accord with the Odyssey aftermarket upgrades.
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