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Originally Posted by pb34
First off, welcome to the forums!

Now for the important stuff. J&J puts out a great barrel, I own the S2 which is basically the same thing as the ceramic but is newer and has the appearance of a 2-piece barrel. I actually happen to be selling it at the moment if your interested shoot me a pm. Anyway, back to upgrades. One thing I would suggest getting is a new feedneck. The plastic elbow that comes with the gun is not very strong and holds the hopper very high. Some brands of feednecks are CCM, NDZ, Trinity, and I believe a few others I can't think of. They are stronger and hold the hopper closer to your gun giving you a smaller appearance. I wouldn't suggest getting an expansion chamber. If your going to go that route I would suggest buying a regulator. THe regulator lets you adjust the pressure of the co2/hpa going into you gun so you can finetune it. Hope this helped a little bit.

Thanks a lot. Really i mean it. My spyder is defnately going to look good wiht anew barrel and i discovered my neighbor actually has the S2 and because his paintball supplies are very extensive he is willing to give me his.
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