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Default Re: Vike's Lucky Un1tec Barrel Review

Originally Posted by nbishop66

This goes back to what Vike said, his barrel was not smooth on the inside but others are. They seem to be having some issues with QC. I don't know if they are bouncing back and forth between machine shops, using different companies to ano and polish, but something is going on.

Druid, do you have any insight? Any you feel comfortable sharing?

On the other hand!

Their knowledge and custom service is hard to beat! I didn't want to talk negatively without giving them credit for the great way they handled my problem with the bolts.
To be honest, I'm almost afraid to mention the word Lucky...seeing as how some people here have had an issue with it in the past.

But being that it's a question about their sub-contracted annodizing, machining and QC (and since I won't be posting any links), I might be able to help out without receiving some type of punitive action...

They use local and subcontracted companies for milling, anno and the QC has been a bit of a problem from day 1. Everything milled is done in batches of 100+ at a time. Everything annoed is done in batches of 10+ at a time but shipped to Aaron in large quantities. Some items that are 'done' were sent back, such as the new HPA tank regulators, because they weren't right. They've been "done" for well over a month but there was 'an issue' that caused Aaron to pull them off the storefront. We've been waiting for the 5.1's for weeks because of problems with the contractors and 'turn-over' in their shops. The milling company claimed employee staffing problems and the annodizer (in MY opinion) is just doing a crappy job in certain batches of products, that are slipping through the cracks and getting to the customers.

At the risk of some reprisal, this is for Vike...

If you get a hold of John, he can resolve any issue you have with your barrel. Their customer service rivals Damon's/Scenario Dreams.
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