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Default Re: Vike's Lucky Un1tec Barrel Review

I personally have had fabrication inconsistencies with with the tophats on 2 Lucky ION Stage 1 V3 bolts.

I bought 2 for Xmas, one for my son, one for me. When the came in the inside of the Tophats (for those who don't know what that is, it's what guides the bolt) were milled very roughly. You could see ribbing going down the inside. Both bolts fit tightly in the tophats, but my son's was so tight it wouldn't cycle. They sent me two replacement tophats (free of charge, one even next day air) and they were smooth as butter, but so loose around the bolt that I could stop the air from leaking after 5 attempts. I sent them both back and John was very understanding and gave me a refund. I bought L7s and they worked the first time, no problems, no leaks.

This goes back to what Vike said, his barrel was not smooth on the inside but others are. They seem to be having some issues with QC. I don't know if they are bouncing back and forth between machine shops, using different companies to ano and polish, but something is going on.

Druid, do you have any insight? Any you feel comfortable sharing?

On the other hand!
Their knowledge and custom service is hard to beat! I didn't want to talk negatively without giving them credit for the great way they handled my problem with the bolts.
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