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Originally Posted by truevictor
Hey there, I just bought a victor II and am very proud of its performance. Being new to pantball don't know many of the terms and other more complex achronims of the such. Well anyway, I, of course, am trying to upgrade my spyder. I was thnking of getting a 14" J&J ceramic barrel. Does anyone know if that's good or not? Also my next step will be to get an expansion chamber, I'm not sure which are compatible, and then a low pressure chamber, maybe that bullet one. Does anyone know if that's good? If you have any other suggestons for me please tell me, but most definately one of my favorite thngs about teh victor II is the small yet effective drop forward. I also prefer using a mechanical trigger over the electronic because I'm more of a sniper, then a combat guy.

First off, welcome to the forums!

Now for the important stuff. J&J puts out a great barrel, I own the S2 which is basically the same thing as the ceramic but is newer and has the appearance of a 2-piece barrel. I actually happen to be selling it at the moment if your interested shoot me a pm. Anyway, back to upgrades. One thing I would suggest getting is a new feedneck. The plastic elbow that comes with the gun is not very strong and holds the hopper very high. Some brands of feednecks are CCM, NDZ, Trinity, and I believe a few others I can't think of. They are stronger and hold the hopper closer to your gun giving you a smaller appearance. I wouldn't suggest getting an expansion chamber. If your going to go that route I would suggest buying a regulator. THe regulator lets you adjust the pressure of the co2/hpa going into you gun so you can finetune it. Hope this helped a little bit.
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