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Default Re: Ultimate Resource Thread

Part Four:
How Do I Start A Team?/How Do I Get Sponsors?

Starting a team is a great way to have fun in the sport, as well as to learn the sport, and meet new people. To start, i have a few steps:

STEP 1: Organize 5 to 15 paintballers you know and trust. Everyone should have his or her own equipment.

STEP 2: Play together and talk about organizing a team. Do you all have similar motivations and expectations?

STEP 3: Decide on a captain and a name for your team. The captain should be the most organized player, and a good leader, not necessarily the best player.

STEP 4: Find a 'Home Field' to practice at. Here could be your first potential sponsor, and you should get to know the people.

STEP 5: Play in local Tourneys, get your name out, as well as have fun. But with all this fun your having, id suggest to win a few games, because you never know whos watching!

STEP 6: Seek Sponsorship, to know more about how to get sponsored, read below.


You may think that sponsorship is a thing where someone pays for some of your gear, paint, or whatever. It isnt, unless its from your parents. Sponsorship is a 2 way deal, between your team and whoever is sponsoring you. It is nessessary to make a little 'team resume' or something that shows what you can help, or anything, and what your team has to offer, as well as everything youve played in and the results from the contest. If your sponsor is your field, you will probably have to ref for your sponsorship. It isnt bad...

Other sponsorship deals could be discounts from the store/dealer. It isnt bad, but you will need to pay for the gear, but at a discounted price. Any sponsorship in Paintball is play hard guys!

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It just occurred to me that "bad company" may be a terrible name for a team sponsored by only one company.
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