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Default Review of Spyder Paint: Black box

I had a 5man scrimmage day this past weekend, and the paint for the event was Spyder Black box. At first look I was hesistant, because, well....its Spyder paint. Kingman isn't known for high quality products, so I expected very little from the paint. I used 1000rnds through my Marq with a Reloader B and here were my findings.

Shell: Broke nicely, didn't have problems with bounces at all. Seams with similar to White Box paint. Not good, but definitely fitting for the price. What'd you expect from practice paint.

Fill: Very bright green I had. Very thin fill though. For practice its alright, but I got hit on the sandana and when I touched it to see if it broke, it had already set in. You could play it off for old hits easy. It mists when it breaks, which is a result of the thin fill.

Accuracy: On the field the accuracy was fine. Not amazing, but pretty good. I definitely wasn't missing shots because of the paint. At the shooting range, I was shooting at a 2x2 square from 15yards and was hitting the targets 1 out of 3 shots, and the other 2 just missed. I did that about 10 times and got the same results each time.

Price: Amazing for the paint quality. Seriously, for $30 this is great paint for practice or Recballing. I'm gonna ask the field owner to stock it everyweek.

Breaks: Broke almost everytime on the field, but NEVER in the gun or barrel. Very impressed.

Overall, I give it an A+. It surpasses my expectations for practice paint.
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