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Default Re: Trigger frame?

I already have tried kingman to see if older trigger frame would fit with a negative result, the ony single trigger frame avalaible from older markers have different threadings and will not fit the mr1.

According to them, the one i wished, the single trigger metal frame with m-16 grip, does not fit.

From then, no one have tried wich older frame work on the mr1, except some other double finger frames. If some of you have both the mr1 and another older kingman marker, it would be very nice to report in this post, wich one fit, and wich dont.

My idea of modding the original frame is to cut the trigger, and cut the finger guard to later bend it in order to form a sinlge trigger finger guard. But if i fail, i have no more trigger frame. I need a backup.

I will look forward to see if kingman sell the mr1 trigger frame individually.
Meanwhile, ill wait for your observations on older trigger frames.
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