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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

Sorry! I forgot about that.

I still don't know if I chopped the ball or not. There wasn't very much paint on the outside of the bolt, and no pieces inside the gun. I think it was more due to old paint just blowing apart than chopping the balls. Until I get some new paint to shoot, I won't know for sure (we're having a bit of an ice storm right now, and it's supposed to happen again next weekend, so it may be awhile yet.) However, I'm going to say there were NO chops just because it doesn't make sense with the eyes on and my loader at level 3.

It's VERY easy to take apart. Just unscrew the bolt cap with the provided allen wrench (key) until it spins 360 degrees freely, then pull it out the back. The whole bolt assembly slides out, then you can separate the can from the manifold, remove an oring from the bolt and slide it free. Actually, it's MUCH easier to remove than my Shocker bolt. Howver, installing it is a bit more difficult, but not too bad. You just have to line up the set screw and make sure to get the box thing on the manifold lined up correctly.

I haven't had the reg apart yet, but it can't be any tougher than my old 04 Speed reg or even the Maxflo on my Shocker. The barrel takes FOREVER to screw on or off though - I counted...17 twists (not full twists, but how many times I had to turn my hand to get it on.) The Shocker barrels are so much easier - something like 6 or less turns...

The ASA comes off relatively easy, but I don't like that I have to remove the grips and the battery to do it.
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