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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

Like Hossy said, no rechargeable battery, but I bet you could find one at Radio Shack and use it.

However, while I would normally recommend something I really like, I don't recommend this gun to newer players because of it's operation and maintenance issues at the moment. I think soon, most of the issues will be resolved with it, but this first batch has a couple of issues (note, I haven't seen them on my gun personally, but others have played with theirs for awhile longer than me.) While it's a cheaper gun and super easy to shoot, cheaper ain't always easier! I know that's contrary to what most people say, and the main reason it's so cheap, but I think that people need to really consider this before buying any spool valve marker.

Do I recommend this gun? Yes! If you're a newer player though, it WON'T be as easy as the pin valve operation in the Spyder though. Get ready to learn! This gun has also proven to have leaking issues I've heard. I had a bit of a problem with it the first time I took it apart, but I just replaced some orings and it was fine. Others aren't so lucky, I've heard.
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