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lol, I got in trouble last time posting those pics by the party pooper mods!

The last pics I posted on the old forum were pics of my ex. And the proteus is out of date? I like my sockhat, its all nice and warm, and people kinda know me for wearing the sockhat and maryland jersey over my smart parts jersey. I think my pants are out of date, so i'm gonna get the dye c6 or evil 05 pants.

Recon: Maybe its because you have that xmag, xmag competes more with the shockers. The emag was honestly was harder to use since it was heavier and I couldnt really walk it like I walk the shocker. For a mid-front player, I kinda need to take the load of my hands and be able to move around more. But dont get me wrong, I still love emags, and may get one as a backup possibly.
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