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Default Re: Custom Foregrip + Qloader

Originally Posted by Ace24
How did you mount the wood to the gun? Screw it in the screw holes?
Well, the aluminum is actually the only thing bolted to the marker. I drilled four holes, in a straight line, in the aluminum. The first one (closest to the front) is so that I can access the retaining screw for the valve spring. The second was for the first bolt used to hold the aluminum on; which utilizes the holes from the old foregrip. The third was for the macroline fitting to go through so that it could be screwed into the marker. The fourth is just for the second bolt to hold it on, again, utilizing the old foregrip hole. Then there are ten holes in the aluminum, five on each side of the marker. Four of them are for screws to hold the top piece of the foregrip on. The other six are for screws that pass through the bottom piece, into the top piece. That is how the whole thing is held together, and essentially held on the marker.
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