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Default Re: BT AK47 Apex Barrel Idea

You can grind down/cut down the front "LPC Nub." I had to do it with mine. That is the only way I could get the M4 handguard to fit on flush.

You can't tell too good from that pic, but that's flush against the body.

There is an AK-47 "Clip" expansion chamber for the MR series. PBGrandpa has one on his MR2.

Trinity makes it as far as I know. Idk if they have one for the MR1 that will fit flush though.

EDIT: Grinding down the nub will not harm anything as long as you don't screw up the O-ring area. Thats the only part that makes a seal. Just grind it down enough so that the part fits flush.

I have no leakage problems with mine what so ever and I can get it out with ease. (Although I did burn my finger on the hot metal and I have a nice dead patch of skin on my pointer finger. Keep a pan of COLD water next to you when cutting it down, as it gets REALLY hot.

I used a grinding wheel and a pair of those clamping pliers... forgot the name.

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