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Default Re: BT AK47 Apex Barrel Idea

Originally Posted by Solipsism
Sorry, my explanation was lacking a bit there. The part I'm talking about is part of the MR1, specifically the reservoir plug. If you look at this piece you can see that (from inside to out) there is the spring attached, then the two o-rings, then the threads for where the bolt goes, and then the part that shows outside of the gun. When I look at that it makes me think that I can cut it off just after where the bolt goes, and therefore eliminating the part of the plug that sticks outside the gun without breaking any sort of seal. Then the AK47 (or M16) part of the barrel can be moved so that it sits right up tight against the gun, removing the gap. Does that make more sense?
Yes I know what you were talking about it just isn't cut off in my mockup. Well if you do cut it off tell me how it works out because I'd really like a M 16 barrel.
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