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Default BT AK47 Apex Barrel Idea


I'm new to the forum and have currently been reading all the past threads regarding the MR1 waiting for my account to be activated or whatever. After reading and reading I want to share my plan with the community that I have and hopefully receive a little feedback.

My plan is to cut the piece below the barrel (sorry I don't know the technical term) so that the AK47 parts can sit flush against the frame. I've check this piece out and to me it wouldn't interfere with anything if you cut the part off that sticks out (I may be wrong?). The reason why I am asking for a little feedback is due to the fact that I am only assuming that you can move the AK47 part around where you want on the barrel, and that if I get the Spyder version of this barrel will the threads fit?

I think this little mock up I made looks pretty cool:
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