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Default Re: Ultimate Resource Thread

Part Three:
zomg what does this part do?

Part: Feedneck
Purpose: Hold the hopper
Location: On top of the body near the barrel. Sometimes at a powerfeed angle, about 45*
Modifications: Hole drilled into the side for blowback relief
Upgrade result: Lower, clamping feednecks

Part: Barrel
Purpose: Guide paint accurately
Location: Top tube, in front of everything else
Modifications: None
Upgrade result: More accurate, lighter, quieter

Part: Body
Purpose: Hold gun together
Location: Right in the middle, where everything is connected
Modifications: Milling
Upgrade result: Higher tolerances, milling

Part: Bolt
Purpose: Propel the paint using the air traveling through it
Location: Inside the top tube of the body
Modifications: Curved inner lip, venturi removal
Upgrade result: Lower operating pressure, less wear, less chops

Part: Frame
Purpose: Release the striker, allowing a shot
Location: Under the body, behind the v/a
Modifications: Board, switch, grips, trigger, shimming the solenoid, polishing the sear
Upgrade result: Higher BPS, lighter trigger pull, comfort

Part: Striker
Purpose: Hit the valve pin, allowing a cycle
Location: Inside the body, in the lower tube, between the valve and the velocity adjuster
Modifications: Cupped face, mill unnecessary meat, polishing
Upgrade result: Less kick, lower operating pressure

Part: Cup seal
Purpose: Seal the valve, ending the cycle
Location: On the valve pin, in the body in the bottom tube, near the valve
Modifications: None
Upgrade result: Never needs to be replaced

Part: Valve
Purpose: Distribute air through the marker, to the striker, bolt, and cup seal areas
Location: In the bottom tube, in between the v/a and the striker
Modifications: Drilling bigger hole
Upgrade result: Lower operating pressure

Part: Regulator/expansion chamber
Purpose: Regulate air/let co2 to expand
Location: Underneath the v/a
Modifications: None
Upgrade result: Lower operating pressure, consistency, nicer feel, no liquid co2

Part: Valve pin
Purpose: Guide the cup seal, get hit by the striker
Location: On cup seal, inside valve, lower tube, and body
Modifications: Mill down unneeded parts
Upgrade result: Lower operating pressure

Part: Main spring
Purpose: Launch the striker
Location: In the bottom tube, partially in the striker and velocity adjuster
Modifications: None
Upgrade result: Lower pressure, adjustable dwell

Part: Valve spring
Purpose: Push on the cup seal and valve pin, insuring no cycles happen until the striker hits the valve pin
Location: In the bottom tube, partially in the v/a, on the cup seal
Modifications: None
Upgrade result: Lower pressure, adjustable dwell

Part: Vertical Adapter
Purpose: Connects the reg/x chamber to the valve area, holds lpc in, stores air, holds valve spring
Location: In between the lpc, reg, and valve
Modifications: Drilling flow holes to a bigger diameter
Upgrade result: Lower operating pressure, 15* more ergonomic

Part: Low pressure chamber
Purpose: Store extra air
Location: On the v/a, towards the front of the gun
Modifications: None
Upgrade result: Faster cycling

Part: Detent
Purpose: Keep paint from rolling out of the barrel, stop double feeds
Location: On the side of the body, near the feedneck
Modifications: Dual detents
Upgrade result: No double feeding

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