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Default Ultimate Resource Thread

So i had some extra time, so i decided to make this post for everyone, whos asking what is a good "________" or some vs. threads Most of this i did not write, i found from other sources. I compiled this because there have been alot of newer posters who tend to have some of these questions. I tried to stay away from what stuff is already posted on Otters Site...

This may take a few posts.
Part ONE: Ultimate Upgrade List
Part Two: What should i upgrade first?
Part Three: Zomg What does this part do?
Part Four: How Do I Start A Team?/How Do I Get Sponsors?
Part Five: Anodization?
Part Six: Why am I Chopping?
Part Seven: Graphs, Charts, and Other Visual Aids.

Part ONE:
Ultimate Upgrade List

There is no specific part you "should" get next. It is all dependent on what you want your gun to do. If you want more accuracy, a good barrel that matches the paint you plan on using is a great choice. If you are looking for a greater range for your gun, do not listen to anyone that tells you a barrel will improve range. 280fps is always 280fps, the only way of increasing range is by lobbing shots. If consistancy is the name of the game, sometimes the best upgrade is a HPA system. Shot to shot, you will notice an increase in accuracy and grouping and you wont have velocity spikes during rapid fire, anymore. I have never heard of anyone that regreted getting a HPA system. It you want to fire faster, a new switch and trigger are a great way to go, or if that isn't enough, get a new board, like the t-board. It is all up to you. Many of the upgrades I have listed, and many of those that you will find, need supporting upgrades to work optimaly. Just have fun, and upgrade based on what your style is.

Good links:


-32* (aluminum, venturi)
-ACI (aluminum, venturi)
-APM Tigershark (nylatron) $15
-AKA Lightning (aluminum) $53
-Bad Habitz (delrin)
-Bandit (delrin) $45
-Bob Long Cyclone (aluminum, venturi)
-Catagory 5 (delrin)
-Check It Products Full Force Delrin 10-32, Icepick $30
-Eaglelox's Polarbear ($45)
-Eaglelox's Sunbear ($30)
-Evil (delrin) $35
-Jam (CenterFlag) anti-chop (delrin) $50
-Kapp $33 (delrin)
-Kingman ACS bolt (delrin or aluminum) $30-40
-New Designz EQ (delrin) $36
-Off the Break Blind anti-chop (delrin) $30
-Orange $50-60
-Spudnuk'l (nylatron) $25-$30
-Superfly (shorty, quick strip, long, side, top) (derlin and aluminum)$35-$40
-Modified stock (polished,cupped,removed venturi)

Cup Seals
-NW Black Magic Cup Seal $6
-LAPCO cup seal $5
-Kapp cup seal $.50

Feednecks/Vertical Elbows
More info about feednecks!
-ACI (Phat) (slip-on) $17
-ANS (holes/no holes) $20
-Check it Products Slip on (slip-on) $13
-Check it Products Clamping (slip-on) $25
-Check it Products Spyder to Impulse feed adapter $15
-Check it Products Spyder to Impulse and low rise clamping neck (holes) $35
-Chipley Custom Machine (slip-on) $35
-Custom Products (holes/no holes) $20
-Evil Smokestack (slip-on) $23
-Hybrid (holes/no holes) $20
-Kapp (slip on)
-Kingman Java (slip-on) $20
-LAPCO (holes/no holes/slip-on)$30
-NW Paintball Products (slip-on) $30
-New Designz Low Rise (holes/no holes) $33
-Q-Lock Neck $40
-Trinity Painball Bad Habitz (slip-on) $25
-Vaporworks (holes/no holes) $28
-War Machine Paintball (slip on) $25
-crappy plastic one $4

Low Pressure Chambers/Volumizers
-32* Rocket $17
-ACI $17
-New Designz $22
-Shocktech $15
-System X $13
-Twisted $25


Value - Stock Autococker Reg, WGP Ergo Reg
Mid End - Bob Long Topedo Reg, PMI THOR reg
High End - CP Reg, AKA Sidewinder Reg, AKA 2Liter Reg, Palmers Stabalizer

The ONLY c02 Friendly Regs

Stock Cocker Reg/WGP Ergo Reg
AKA Sidewinder Reg
Bob Long Torpedo Reg
Palmers Stabalizer Reg

Spring and Shim kits
-32* (3 main springs, 3 valve springs for compact body, 3 for full) $8
-Check it Products (6 main springs) $14
-NW (4 main springs) $10
-NW (6 main springs) $12
-Maddmann (3 main, either 1 or 3 valve, 1 trigger return, 1 sear spring) $10
-Shocktech (4 main springs)
-Shocktech Shim Kit (6 shims, 10 fps intervals) $20

-Apocalypse Customs Paintball Magnum Striker 16g (n/a)
-Check it Products Low Pressure Striker (n/a)
-Dark Horizons Titanium striker (with e-frame mod? with ottersc mod?) 36g $40
-Eaglelox's Night striker 37g $30 (
-Eaglelox's Night stiker XL 26g $45
-modified stock striker (polished, cupped?) 65g

Trigger Frames
-Dye double or single trigger .45
(Benchmark double trigger .45)
(Bob Long double trigger .45)
-Trinity Paintball Bad Habitz $50
-Stock (trigger jobs...)

(-Centerflag Hyperframe)
(-Dragun M92)
(-Kingman Sprint $60)
(-Kingman ESP (dip switches)
(-Kingman ESP IPI 3.0)
-Kingman ESP CAMD $90
-Kingman Rocking Trigger Frame $120 (empty), $230 (with board, etc.)
-Pathogen frame $40 (looks like a Centerflag clone?)
(-Boo-Yaah ELCD)
(-Mako Storm)

Mech Triggers
-Kingman $17
-K&K ring trigger $20

ESP Boards (
(-IS Board (break beam) $70
-T-Board (break or bounce) $60
-T-chip upgrade $20
-Ramping chip?
-XSF Advantage Spyder Kit $124

ESP Triggers
-Apocalypse Customs Paintball Slasher $22.50
-Apocalypse Customs Paintball Thrasher $22.50
-Apocalypse Customs Paintball Lexblade $20
-Bad Habitz $23
-Check it Products Sweet Spot $15
-Jet City Specialities dual trigger, $30
-Jet City Specialiteis blade trigger, $30
-Shocktech blade trigger $22
-Sun Dragon $25
-Stock (sanded, polished, cut?)

ESP grips
-APP Stikeez $16
-Custom Paintballs Pewter grips, $60 -Dye Stickies $23
-Zap's Mad House

-32* Turbo/Magnaport $25
-AKA Tornado $
-Evil $25
-Extreme Rage Omega $35
-New Designz High flow valve/pin $23
-Maddman Rocket $30
-Taso Turbo
-Modified stock (drilled, sanded valve pin)
-Bandit Bolts

Most of these things are common around the Buy/Sell/Trade Section, I can upgrade the list and add more stuff if anyone wants me to edit this post....

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