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Thumbs up List of Upgrade Parts for the MR2

I went on a web search to try and find every barrel upgrade possible. This is the list I found. Also added some of the other upgrades. This isn't an endorsement of any company just a list of available options that were located.


Bigshot Barrel for Spyder MR2

14" MR2 Barrel

12", 14" & 20" J&J Ceramic Barrels

14" LAPCO Bigshot

HammerHead barrel

6" barrel

3" barrel

M4 Carbine Barrel

Spyder MR2 M82A1 18 inch fluted sniper barrel

Trinity Spyder MR Accurate Barrels

BT M16 Spyder Barrel

BT AK47 Spyder Barrel

BT Apex Spyder Barrel Kit

Armson - MR2 Pro Barrel

Barrel Insert Kit


JCS RVA Combat Folding Stock

List of Folding Stocks & Other Accessories

Pro Team Spyder MR2 M4 F/X Stock

Spyder MR1, MR2, MR3 M4 Carbine Buttstock

Spyder-O Stock


BT 45* Top Mounted Side Rail

Spyder MR2 Side Rail


Spyder MR2 Carry Handle

Trinity Handle with side weavers

M16/M4 Scope Mount Base

MR2 Q-Loader Adaptor


MR2 AK-47 6 Stage Expansion Chamber


CCM/Sundragon MR1 & MR2 Feedneck Adapter

CCM/Sundragon Matching Feed Neck - Matt Black


Spyder Tadao Circuit Board

MR VerC T-Board


Red-Dot-Sight Spyder MR2


Sundragon MR Trigger

Trinity MR Trigger


Alamo City Bolts


MR2 & MR3 Flux Wraparound Grips
Spyder MR2
MX4 Stock
BSA RedDot Scope
BT Apex
14" J&J
Draxxus Pulse
Tippmann Triumph
VerC T-board
HPA w/remote

PCS US5 (Spider threading!) BACKUP MARKER

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