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Default Re: New mp3 Player

Zen Vision M. I got one for Christmas and I love it. It IS thicker than the ipod, but its format capabilities make it the better if you care about movies. It plays divx xvid, and a host of other movie formats, all automatically scaled down to the screen (no need to convert them into low res movies) plus its great using A/V out, because it automatically upscales to the quality of the file.

How many people do you know with videos on their ipod? I have 2 movies and several episodes of lost on my Vision M already. Got em from my friends comp so we could watch em on a TV.

Its like 180 on Amazon right now I think. I forgot to mention the FM radio aswell as voice and radio recording. Plus once you get used to the interface its significantly easier to use than an Ipod, and we all know Ipods are famed for their interface.
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