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Originally Posted by shunut
Creative makes an amazing product but not as many people have them or have even heard them because they aren't as trendy as iPods and Creative doesn't do as much advertising as Apple does. Of all the people I've talked to that have had both, all say Creative hands down. I've had mine for about 3 years and have never had a problem, ever.
I hate how people automatically assume that creative labs mp3 players suck because no one heard of them and that ipods are better.
Originally Posted by Ares
microphoto. i had the zen micro before they had a color screen and that thing was awesome for the 2 years i had it. the software on it is much better than the ipods imo. it only got replaced b/c i ran out of room
I agree about the software, Its way easier to use and you can even use windows media player if you wanted to.
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