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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review

If you dont mind Vike I will answer the Rail Vs. Mini Q.

I have shot both, like any marker comparison it is really hard to tell that one is better then the other fully. However I feel as if the Mini is more neat then it is a competitor. It is tiny, it is light but it is not really practical. It has an interesting feel to it but it does not feel like a real marker to me and that is my biggest problem with it, I also can see it being a PIA when it comes to teching. It really does not have any chance for upgrade either which is a serious -.

The PMR like Vike has stated is a competitor right out of the box, I do not care for the stock trigger but other then that it shoots very similar to its older brothers. It is fairly easy to tech, it has plenty of upgradeability. You will not hear me praise Dye markers very often but this time I think they did the market justice.
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