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Default Re: Vike's Proto Rail Review


Ok, decided that after looking at it and stroking it for awhile, I was going to just have to take it outside and shoot some paint through it. I shot a few shots with some old paint (Nelson Nel-Splatt) I had left from my last practice about a year ago and the shots were WAY off target. I chrono’d and it was at 332! This brought up a problem with the manual. It says, “Turning the adjustment screw in (clockwise) will decrease the pressure.” Um, not on mine! I did that and it shot to 372 fps! So I went the other direction, and got it shooting in the 300 fps range.

I was amazed! The sound signature DROPPED to much less than my shocker, and each shot was nearly ball on ball at about a 40 ft range. I had probably a 6 inch pattern where 8 out of every 10 balls were hitting – and that’s with the stock Proto one piece barrel. Not bad at all. I also noticed I wasn’t using near as much air (duh!) I stuck it over the chrono and recorded shots of 286, 296, 285, 294, 292 and 295. Not the +/- 3 I’d read about, but by the end it was pretty close. However, remember that this is with factory lube and the reg not being broken in. I think it’ll work out great in the end. I decided to try and rip on it with the paint I had left in the loader and OMG! Stock trigger or no, that thing flew, even with my weaker hand!

I haven’t messed with the PSP settings or the Millenium settings yet – everything is bone stock right now. However, if I can rip this easy on it in semi, after being out for a year and not even picking up a gun until this past couple of weeks, then imagine what could be done with someone with practice. I may never even use the other settings!


If you read PBNation you’re going to see a lot of flaming going on that reminds you of the ION flame fest of a couple years ago, and still continues today. However, while I have shot DM’s and PM’s, I haven’t played with them enough to compare the two. I can say that if the DM/PM owners are correct and this is a cheap version of their guns, then WOW! Those DM’s and PM’s must be awesome. This gun flat out rips, for the money or not. I choose to believe that they’re being hateful to those beginners who haven’t “earned” their way, in their minds, to a high end performing gun yet, and want to let them know about it. I, on the other hand, have a high end gun, and honestly can’t tell the difference between the two as far as quality goes.

So, in Vike’s opinion (and you all know I have one!):

Is it worth the MAP of 400.00? I don’t think so, but then I don’t think any gun is worth the money that we’re charged. A better question is if it’s worth it compared to the price we pay for most guns, then yes, definitely!

Is it perfect? No. You have to fiddle with the new style Airport, which is a hassle. It has parts that are going to need to be replaced like the trigger and back cap. It has parts that you will want to replace, but aren’t necessary - the eye covers and the feedneck sleeve. Obviously, when a new bolt comes out that offers better efficiency, that’s going to be important. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s close enough out of the box that you can take your time getting these parts.

Is it like an Ion? Go away. It’s not made by the same company, it uses a different operation and parts – of course it’s going to be different. In my opinion, it’s better than an Ion, especially out of the box. I have no problems with Ions – just stock, they aren’t that great. Sorry if that offends – but the Rail blows a stock Ion, or even one that’s moderately upgraded, away. However, the idea isn’t that it’s better than an Ion – it’s a better gun for half the price of it’s brothers…

Is this my new primary gun? You know what – it might just be! My Shocker is great – I’ve played with it for years, and I love it, but this new Rail is just something else. Right away, it’s AT LEAST as good as my Shocker, with less efficiency, and my Shocker is upgraded to the hilt. I’ll have to play a bit with it to see for sure, but it’s sure looking good right now!

Sorry for the long winded review, but it’s not even close to finished yet! I just got it so I haven’t put it through it’s paces yet. I’ll update this as I discover more about this beast!

Here’s what I’m going to to: New ASA, new trigger, new bolt cap, new eye covers and possibly a new barrel and feedneck sleeve. After that, if the frame gives me any problems, I’ll look into getting an UL frame for it.

Edit - I don't believe it, but I actually think I chopped a ball. I'm going to have to raise the speed to 3 on the Reloader!
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