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And just for my opinion on the post's since I kinda passed most up to post first.

Durrel I wouldn't worry about anybody watching you honestly nobody has time to pay attention to what your doing while in there. Just keep that in your head and you will be fine! Everybody has to start somewhere and most people know that especially at a ymca most people will either be rushing in there to get there business done or they are there to help. I have reffered people to this program before and most have got great result's from it as far as weight loss! One guy is actually in the office beside me. I gave him my copy of the book and I believe he went from being 5'11" 248 and dropped down to 200 lb's. I believe he is sitting at around 210-215 now! Vike I know your definitely set to try and lose more weight I just got the book back from my buddy if you want to check it out I'll send it to ya as long as I eventually get it back. JB.
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