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Default Re: Vforce Grill review

Originally Posted by vikingshadow
I know you said you won't take pictures, but could you so we can compare the two?

Edited so it won't take away from the review - Vike
i said had a pair . i dont have them any more .sorry i cant help you out with a pic . i had stated some people dont like the look i guess you fall into that catagory .

i like the look ,but even if i didnt, i would have gotten them just because of the options,and the quality it has.
i hate the way the dye's look ,they make you look like some sort of wingless fly with the bug eyes and the fins al over the place ,but if it would have had the options that the grills have i would be rocking the dyes instead .in my opinion the most important gear you can have is a mask , with the options that this mask has i can be in the game it dont matter how they look its how they perform that counts to me .im just glad .i like the look
just my 2 cents
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