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Originally Posted by Hossy
the reason i think he should search is that hed see Druids post about illegal silencers, and maybe a page or two on some stuff....

Searching usually brings up more answers than what he could get in the next 5 hours, depending on what hours they are
Sure, search is a great feature, and should be used more than it is - but come on! Even the experienced SOC posters don't use search much, so telling a newer member that is sort of mean. I'm not trying to come across as being better than anyone, or holier than thou, or on a high horse or whatever, I just think that those kind of posts are useless and provide less than what the poster intends - unless the intent was to make someone feel bad.

In your example, unless he had specifically looked for "illegal silencers", he most probably would NOT have found that post. Although it's common for people to tell others to use search, most times it results in nil answers. I know because I've searched for things I myself have posted and been unable to find unless I got much more specific. Either way, just saying "search" is rude and is trolling, which in my mind is just as bad as not using the search feature of the forums. And, with what you just said about finding Druid's post, you could have just said, "I don't know exactly where it is, but there was a post about silencers where this discussion was had. You might try to search for it under "silencers" or something. It was pretty good!" or whatever.

Now, that being said, enough of my hijacking and good luck with the search for silence! Merry, Non PC, Christmas, everyone!
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