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Exclamation Re: DRAGON's Fasta review.........

OK, so I field tested it today at my favorite renegade field. Bought 2 tanks and 1000 balls with me. Bought the second tank because I wanted to try that out as well since it's new to me -

I started out at 17bps which is what I normally keep my Imp rof set to. Turned the Vision on and set the mode to 6 shot burst. Took some shots and worked perfectly. I then upped the rof to 20bps and let her rip with no probs at all. From there I upped the rof to 25bps and tried that. I didn't notice any audible difference in the rof from the last time so I removed the hopper, turned the Vision off and took some dry fires. It was noticeably faster w/o the hopper on. I then took the rof back to 20bps and tried it with the Vision off in 6 shot burst. It chopped after a few burst of shots. Hmmmmmmmmmm After cleaning the thick Ultra Evil mess I took the rof down to 17bps again and tried it with the Vision off and again, it chopped.

When using an eye system the marker will not shoot any faster than the hopper will feed. If you have the marker set to 1000bps it's still only going to shoot as fast as the hopper will let it. I'd say audibly, the marker was shooting at around 20bps with Vision on. I'd need some sort of red chronograph to find a more accurate guess. With the eyes on it definitely wasn't shooting at 25bps when it was set there -

Now for the chopping. Could have been chopping or could have been breaking. Ultra Evils have a very brittle shell and break very easily. This was 6 month old paint that has some dimples as well. I would like to try some fresh thicker skinned paint like Marbs and try this part of the test once again -

Now to assess exactly what thing I noticed about this hopper is, from what I can tell, it has no initial fast spin like my Eggo Z board does. Besides the higher rof over the Y board, the Z board has a surge of power to the motor in the beginning and end of the shot surge from the marker. This surge helps get the stack going from a dead stop and tightens the impeller on the stack at the end of the surge. I don't think the Fasta has this initial and ending surge. The HALO has the same thing in the form of a spring tension rather than the board program. If anyone from Kingman is reading this, they might think about having this initial surge added to the board program to improve the hopper. I'm thinking this may be why my Imp was chopping with the Vision off in burst mode. The Imp board doesn't care if the ball is chambered, it just rips from the git with Vision turned off -

Another thing that could have caused the chopping it the impeller is made of hard plastic and the Evil shells are very brittle though there was no paint mess in the hopper at all -

All that, just uneducated guesses. What I really need to do from this point is to have a chronograph handy to see relatively what rof the marker is shooting at in Vision mode and use some thicker shelled paint -

Far as Barron's question concerning blowback, I saw absolutely no upward movement of the balls when shooting. Only time there was any upward movement at all was when there were only a few balls left in the feedneck and no tension on the stack -

All of this portion of this review was based on it's function with the Impulse in full auto burst. It could very well have a different result with another marker. Until I have a chance to further test the hopper using a chronograph and newer fresh paint, nothing is conclusive here at all. As stated, the assessment of the concerns are guesses as well -
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