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Cool I was wondering if this thread was coming back or not!

K my story!

Last year right before summer 5'7" weighted in around 160-162 lb's with my ab's showing!

After going to the pool all summer and not the gym dropped down to 148 lb's

One thing I never do is weigh myself until somebody make's a comment on me putting on muscle. I just never do it as my weightlifting is just for my benefit and I'm not one to do it for any other reason but my health but my dad notice I was putting on muscle (finally I was getting a little discouraged) and actually weighed myself tuesday night and I was back up to 156 lbs' but my ab's are not showing hardly! That's ok though as I feel like that is just the first of my gain's......

Keep up the good work guy's and if anybody need's any help let me know! JB.
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