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Default Vforce Grill review

just picked it up at cousins franklin store .
although i wanted the lizard green(olive green and brown)but i read/and heard that it wont be out till march along with the specops digicam "it matches the fusion gear perfect".so i decided to get the all black one."black matches with everything,so it will work if i decide to play indoors

in my opinion this mask is superior to any other mask out today.
the mask is very very light and compact and takes the contours of your face, so it has a very low profile
the ease of removing the lens is unreal it take less than 3-4 seconds . the lens is thick and has a very light tint barely noticable ,but enough to reduce some sun glare .
the other option and another plue is the removal of the foam.which also is qucik release as long as you have a coin in your pocket being that you have to unscrew a tab 1/2 turn .
it has very soft ears and frontal area,so there is alot of bounce factor to them.
while i was there i also checked out the new dye since they had them in the same display . i belive the lens of the grill is identical,or simalar to the dye as far as vision but other than that .the grill has options that make the dye design obsolete. it comes down to preference as far as looks ,some people hate the look of the grill but it is a superior in every other aspect.,weight ,bounce, profile lens removal ,foam quick change.
also a while back i was interested in the JT proflex7.i belive that it compares to it . as far as weight , bounce,and vision, factor again the grills options and it make the grill a superior design.
i had a pair of profliers ,but im not going to compare it to the proflier ,since this mask was made to replace the design ,and it did with flying colors .

anyone looking into getting a top of the line mask with form and function ,look no further.
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