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Reedoc 03-03-2007 06:51 PM

Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego
This is by no means a long review, just a simple one i decided to do incase anyone was wondering or needed another point of view:

Comes with a very nice case, not too big. Not too small. Very nice impression so far.

Now to opening up the case, everything is in very nice order. ETek barrel, Barrel sleeve, spaces for other barrels, lube, tools, couple stickers, manual, and the gun. Loving it so far!

The picture of the gun put together, very sexy. I'm about to cry in happiness.

The gun with the halo on it. The locking feedneck is very easy to use, and makes sure you have a nice snug fit ;)



Reedoc 03-03-2007 06:57 PM

Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego
Now for the good stuff.

Electronics : Very user friendly, and easy to remember. The manual is absolutely fabulous.

Looks : You've seen it, sex.

Shooting : Now, this is the part that matters. I screwed my tank in, put my hopper on, filled the hopper, and went outside. I turned the asa all the way on, there was a slight his after the bolt quickly got into place. After turning the asa a little out, the hiss stopped. ((the hiss is fixed after a shot)) At first i had uncapped semi on, THE TRIGGER IS AMAZING FOR ME. Very easy to get a steady bps going. Brand new so the reg needs to be a bit more broken in. For the most part ...ball on ball on ball....eek....ball on ball ect. (Board was about 60 feet away)

Next was ramping. I had it at 15 bps, just for kicks. Well actually NO KICK :))))))))) Anyways, just like semi, beautiful work of art

The eyes work well, no chops, there was a jam and all i heard was noid clicking. At first i was like wtf gun, then i was like GOOD JOB EYES!

This is all i have for now, cleaning is easy....nice lube of the rammer/ cleaning of the bolt. After a few times of play I will lube the reg.

So far i love it, ill post more when i try it out with reballs/play games.

VS3 Sniper 03-03-2007 08:12 PM

Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego
thanks for the review been think bout gettin a ego i think i might now :)

MVS1 03-03-2007 08:49 PM

Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego
Nice, glad your having fun with your new marker, it sure does have nice lines...and since everybody jumped me after I did a review of my angel 1 I figure why not pass it on to you....VIDEO!!!

Reedoc 03-03-2007 09:04 PM

Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego
More -

Once i got to my field (reball only) i quickly showed my friends the beauty, then headed for the chrono. The field's limit is 240 >< (I had it at about 280 before) so i had to do a bit of turning the regulator to get it down. Usually you'll have to turn up the velocity for reballs, but I had it so high from messing around with paint. I grabbed a pen and paper when it was at about the right fps. " 239, 241, 235, 240, 239 " is what it read after 5 shots. Pretty darn good if you ask me.

Now excited to play i put a little more lube on my rammer (reballs usually need more) and headed out to the field. From the break, I'm not going to say that i was "ripping noobs" because that would be a lie. I actually got shot out trying to hit the snake off the break. Oh well.

But, the NEXT game. I got 4 guys out in a team of 10. Maybe not the greatest, but i felt mighty proud. I was commented a couple times for my abilities to lay down some sick cover, but not for ripping people up.

The reballs were just as accurate as the paintballs, but require a tad more velocity then paintballs that are required to go 240 fps.

Still loving it, will try to get a video.

Reedoc 03-04-2007 01:57 PM

Re: Reedoc's Review of the ETek Ego
This is a training mode type video i made. Wasn't able to shoot paint, but just giving you a small idea of how it shoots. Oh, and in the end...that isnt side to side kick...im trying to look cool and failing miserably

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