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druid 02-07-2007 06:54 AM

Digital Camouflaged Kilt by AmeriKilt.com
I attended a Celtic Gathering called "The Celtic Cultural Alliance" hosted at Stabler Arena this past weekend. There was a stand that sold "not-so-traditional" Kilts, which many of you may have seen at different fields. This one in particular is in the new Marine Corpse styled Digital Woodland print and obviously, I had to have it.

Fit: The salesman fit me right there with one off the rack. My size is I'm 6'1", 240 lbs, a 38" waist. A standard Kilt of 38" X 22" inches long (right off the rack) fit me perfectly.

Attachment: The waistband attaches with a velcro tab that secures on the front of the right hip. There are 2 vertical rows of darkened snaps that hold the front panels together. The Velcro is strong and the snaps are positive-locking. There are six belt loops that allow you to add any belt up to 2" wide, my normal Kilt belt is pictured but a police-styled duty belt will also fit very nicely.

Material: The material is Cotton duck, much like denim. "Machine wash[able], no bleach, line dry and may be ironed if needed" is printed on the 'care instructions' tag. The digital pattern is silk-screen printed on the material and the pattern "blocks" that make up the 'digital squares' have clean and straight edges. The dye they used penetrates the material to the back, so they used plenty of dye. They whip-stitched the seams to prevent the material from unraveling, which is good for my use. The pleats are sewn-in and won't come out unless the stitching thread breaks. The threads used in their stitching is pretty thick and looks like a nylon/cotton blend so it should be plenty strong.

Accessories: The Kilt comes with a right, rear pocket for a wallet sized item. It secures with a flap that has a Velcro closure. The Velcro is as strong as the waist attachment. There is also included, a 6" x 9" pouch on the front. We would normally call it a "Sporran" and I guess that's what they call it too...but it's made of the same material so it blends perfectly with the print. It attaches with two very strong spring clips, to "D" rings sewn into the Kilt.

When I checked their website (mods, feel free to remove the link if needed) when I got home, I noticed they don't list the digital pattern. I would write to them or call them for digi camo availability but he had several at the gathering so I'm lead to believe that they just haven't updated their website yet.

I'll post the pics I have, hopefully I can get better ones in the near future.

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[ ] Is an OK product.
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Ace24 02-07-2007 12:42 PM

Re: Digital Camouflaged Kilt by AmeriKilt.com
YES!!! HAHAH! I wish I could be at Stalingrad for that! Awesome! Just be sure to wear something under it... if you lie down and get shot up the butthole... thats not going to be a pretty sight.

Theheroguy 02-07-2007 05:30 PM

Re: Digital Camouflaged Kilt by AmeriKilt.com
above post caused me to vomit mentally

cool kilt though

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