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Cheat71 01-18-2006 06:54 PM

2 for 1 Trade
I have a chance to trade my Ion + E2'd 2k3 Cocker for a nice olive proto.
NDZ Rasta Body (Being Shipped)
NDZ Low Rise
Contract Killer Grips
Strange Trigger

2k3 Cocker:
Eclipse Ram
Superfly Bolt
All American Barrel

DyNasty9 01-18-2006 06:56 PM

Re: 2 for 1 Trade
im guessing its and 05? or is it an 06. i would do it, protos shoot really nice, but if your into custumizing, keep uping the ion

Drefish99 01-18-2006 06:59 PM

Re: 2 for 1 Trade
I wouldn't.
Sell the ION - $320 with all the ups

Sell the Cocker - $220 with all the ups


Can buy a new one with that money or get a used 2k5 timmy.

Cheat71 01-18-2006 08:44 PM

Re: 2 for 1 Trade
Ebay or PBN, it would be tough to get those prices. Especially the cocker, theres not many people with 320 looking for an ion either.

Cheat71 01-18-2006 08:45 PM

Re: 2 for 1 Trade
Also forgot to say, the proto is like new condition with no scratches

durrell 01-18-2006 08:49 PM

Re: 2 for 1 Trade
I'd do it. You could easily profit if you resold the Proto. You have 2 extremely low resale guns, I say go for it.

FredPo 01-19-2006 09:23 AM

Re: 2 for 1 Trade
Get the proto.


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