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shunut 01-03-2007 09:38 AM

New mp3 Player
Okay, I'm in the market for a new mp3 player. Currently I have a Creative MuVo FM, 256 mb (pictured below). I've had it for about 2-3 years and I absolutely love it but it just doesn't have enough memory. Everytime I want to put music onto it I have to take some off first. I'm pretty sure I want to stick with Creative. I know I don't want an iPod (so if you choose other, don't say iPod). I really don't care if they can store photos or video, I'll just use it for music. I'm hoping that there are others who have the Creative models I'm looking at, anyway, here they are.

This is the one I have.

1. Creative Zen Neeon 2
  • Size: ~3.2" x 1.7" x .5"
  • Weight: 50g or ~.11 lbs or ~1.76 oz
  • Available in 1gb, 2gb or 4gb (I'd probably get 4gb)
  • Full Color 1.5" Screen
  • Plays Audio (WMA, MP3 and WAV), Pictures (JPEG) and Short Video Clips (Transcoded AVI)
  • Cost: $209

Creative Zen Neeon 2

2. Creative Zen V Plus
  • Size: ~1.7" x 2.7" x .6"
  • Weight: 43.5g or ~.095 lbs or ~1.53 oz
  • Available in 1gb, 2gb, 4gb or 8gb (I'd probably get 8gb)
  • Full Color 1.5" Screen
  • Plays Audio (MP3, WMA, IMA ADPCM, WMA DRM), Pictures (JPEG, Album Art) and Short Video Clips (Transcoded AVI)
  • Cost: $201-235

Creative Zen V Plus

3. Creative Zen MicroPhoto
  • Size: ~2" x 3.3" x .68"
  • Weight: 115gor ~.25 lbs or ~4.06 oz
  • 8gb
  • 1.5", 262,144 color OLED Display
  • Plays Audio (MP3, WMA, Janus, WAV, IMA ADPCM), Pictures (JPEG, Slide Show)
  • Cost: $200

Creative Zen MicroPhoto

4. Other - Please give me as much information as possible about the player of your choice if not listed above and DO NOT SAY iPOD

Hossy 01-03-2007 09:41 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
Ipod :dodgy:

a friend of mine has the Creative Zen V plus, he loves it, but the screen is too small for videos and stuff. Id say go with that one if you want a small compact player :tup:

edit: i think the price on those are tooo high, but 8gbs at 200 bucks arent that bad, if that comes out to what it costs

kidonfire 01-03-2007 09:54 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
A Zune.
It has a massive screen can play videos, and has 30 gigs of storage. costs about $250.

Muddytaco 01-03-2007 10:16 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
my cousin has sandisk Sansa® e260:

works good, really small and you can get anywhere from 2 GB to 8 GB

shunut 01-03-2007 10:29 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
Screen size isn't an issue for me. I'm not really getting one of these for video or pictures, I will probably only use it for music. So please don't make your choice based on video capability or screen size. If I wanted video capability I'd go for the Creative Zen Vision M, its won several awards.

Personally I'm leaning towards the Neeon 2 based on its size.

bamf-hacker 01-03-2007 10:33 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
that was my vote... I have a Nano because it is small, But i am not aloud to say the "i" word per your instructions. :)

shunut 01-03-2007 10:43 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
Well, my sisters all got Nano's for Christmas and 2 of them have been replaced already.

Plus the nice thing about Creative players is they have FM tuners, well most of them do.

08Lud08 01-03-2007 10:56 AM

Re: New mp3 Player
I wrote a longer post and it got erased, but I say zen micro photo because of the size, capacity, and its reliability. I got mine last December and it still works perfect like I just bought it yesterday. It fits perfect in my hand and is easy to use. Ipod has a new 8gb nano but I would still chose the micro photo over the ipod because when I was using my friends it would start to freeze when you press next a lot and would freeze when you scroll through too much music. I don't like the neon because the buttons are on the side and if you have a lot of music you will fill it up too easily. I wouldn't get the Zen V Plus because its too small for me. On the mp3 player it say the total space is 7609 mb, I have 935 songs on my micro photo and it still says there is 3208 mb left so I still have enough space for more music. I say stay with creative because Ipods are always having problems and breaking and then another comes out and then you have old one and then have the urge to get the newer one. When I run out of space on my micro photo I'll probably get the zen vision M. heres some pics of mine. the only thing bad I have to say about the micro photo is you cant look at pics and listen to music at the same time and its kinda hard to see the screen outside because the sun gives it glare.

*EM1-Master* 01-03-2007 11:02 AM

Re: New mp3 Player

08Lud08 01-03-2007 11:19 AM

Re: New mp3 Player

Originally Posted by *EM1-Master*


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