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tampaimpact16 12-22-2006 11:57 AM

i want to buy a new reg, and a few other parts to make my pilot lp...

i was wondering, if i buy a reg, (thinking about cp reg) do i need nething else with it?? like in order to use it??

also, when i drop my pilots pressure. does it need to be shot with hpa??? or will co2 work just fine??

and if i do need hpa, what should i get first?? a hpa tank, fast loader, or the reg???

i think thats all for now... will probably edit later... thanks ya'll

08Lud08 12-22-2006 12:30 PM

Re: -help-
To use the cp reg you need to use hpa with it. You also need to get a vertical adapter to screw the reg in like an assault block. The only internals that are important to make your pilot lp after the reg and hpa tank would be the assault block and a new valve and a spring kit.

tampaimpact16 12-22-2006 12:35 PM

Re: -help-
so my gun is stock... cept for grips
in the long run i want to go lp
what part comes first???

ohh edit to the origanal post: wondering what part of the gun would make my pilot quiter.. its so loud its scary. lol. thanks

08Lud08 12-22-2006 04:54 PM

Re: -help-
I would get a hpa tank first. then the vertical adapter like an assault block. then the cp reg and 32*spring kit. then a new valve like a new designs valve. To have the reg you'll also need macro line and one fitting and fitting adapter to use the stock asa. If you get a new asa you just need one macro fitting.

Backmanshooter 12-22-2006 06:08 PM

Re: -help-
Yeah...You only need a few things to turn your spyder LP.

Reg,new valve, spring kit helps alot and in order to use your reg, you need a new VA.

tampaimpact16 12-22-2006 06:32 PM

Re: -help-
whats a va? and a asa??

btw i also need other parts as well, such as barrels or feednecks or ball detents ext... so ugh those also go in the list of what i need..

thanks guys...


shunut 12-22-2006 08:09 PM

Re: -help-
Vertical Adapter (where you screw your gas-thru, expansion chamber or regulator into):

The ASA (Air Source Adapter) is where you screw your tank into.

Detents I would suggest Kila Products magnetic detents.

Feedneck CCM or New Designz Pro Lock.

Barrel, Smart Parts, J&J, Dye, Stiffi, CP, there are a ton of great barrels out there. More important than the barrel is matching it to the correct paint.

Check out www.ottersccustoms.com everything you could ever want or need to know about Spyders is on there.

MVS1 12-24-2006 10:28 AM

Re: -help-
OtterSC's site is the bible for mod's, study it before you do anything and it will answer all...What the heck it's Sunday and Christmas Eve I thought I'd pay my respects

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