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phatphil 11-21-2006 08:25 PM

Hobbyhorse Presents: Macrolineguy.com Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale
This press release comes from PbNation's moderator Hobbyhorse. Please read this press release in it's entirety.

Xplayers industries
Riverside, Ca

After 15 years of playing on notable teams like the Sitting Ducks, Rampage, Xplayers and most recently with Wicked, coaching for teams like Wicked, Clockworks, and a host of regional teams as well and mentoring small business operations like CXP, and the paintball shop in the paintball community Pete Hollenhorst is pleased to announce the opening up of www.macrolineguy.com up for business.

Losing some 20% of his hearing in his left ear due to faulty macroline during the Denver NPPL in 05, Pete commented “There are so many people offering bad products out there and they don’t even know the damage they cause to peoples lives”. He continued on, “After not being able to hear my wife call me [and sometimes that’s a good thing] or hear my child [Sean] coo in the evening, I was determined to bring a better product to the market”. Over the next few months Pete worked with several other manufacturers, looking to find the best quality, the best airflow, and the most durable line on the market. In addition to macroline he brought a host of other products for the budget conscious baller all priced fewer than 10 dollars. He succeeded and is now ranked in the top ten sellers for www.pbnation.com and a sponsor to several regional events.

Backed by one of the strongest guarantees in the industry, “If my product breaks on you ever I will refund your money and buy a replacement from one of my competitors”, people often wonder how the business turns a single profit. Pete countered with “in today’s society it’s a novel approach to deal with your customers needs first and your profit second”. However that is the way Macrolineguy.com does business- putting the customers needs first and the profit second. “I’ve dealt and sold to people throughout the world and if I can’t be a responsible seller, offering safe, durable products that work then how can I look people in the eye, how can I support my family with money earned in a dishonest fashion?”

To launch the arrival of www.macrolineguy.com, Pete is unveiling a Terrific Thursday sale hosted on HYPERLINK "http://www.pbnation.com" www.pbnation.com with the checkout process occurring on macrolineguy.com. With some of the largest specials on macroline, slick honey, micro fiber cloths, ghetto lightning feeds, and oring picks ever offered on a two day sale its sure to turn some heads. “I’ve been saving some of my better deals for this sale, and most of the real balers out there will find some exceptional bargains during the thanksgiving holiday on www.macrolineguy.com.

When asked what the future holds, Pete replied look for some ultra special limited edition Pink and Olive macroline as industry first, some new WMD technology black, blue, pink and yellow macroline fittings as well as screw kits anodized to match your marker. “Just wait for December, you haven’t seen anything yet.”
Enjoy guys! There are some amazing deals going on right now for the Thanksgiving sale.

Edit: If you have a Myspace Profile, check out the Macrolineguy.com Myspace!

Nader 11-21-2006 08:37 PM

Re: Hobbyhorse Presents: Macrolineguy.com Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale

Bought ten bucks worth of shtuff!

phatphil 11-21-2006 09:14 PM

Re: Hobbyhorse Presents: Macrolineguy.com Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale
Press release & sale = news! Can someone move this back please?

TheRedBarron 11-22-2006 04:21 PM

Re: Hobbyhorse Presents: Macrolineguy.com Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale
Sale does not equal news, press release... maybe, we are working on defining the difference from news and corp spam for you guys due to recent incidents, please give us a little time to work out the details.

But to answer your Q...

Sales, changes in your store/site, if not spyder/Kingman related belong in this forum. If we keep doing this, it will increase the traffic flow in this forum which will make it just as noticable as in the news section.

News section- NEw marker, New Product, paintball TV show, Tourny series (national level...) New developments, major press release, mergers, and new designs etc.

Like I stated before these are subject to change as we are working on letting you guys know what should be placed where due to mass confusion recently.

I hope this helped.

druid 11-25-2006 06:48 PM

Re: Hobbyhorse Presents: Macrolineguy.com Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale
a suggestion;

Create a place where someone can post found or known email addresses and/or forum screen names to get technical help or answers to service questions for known Spyder products. You can use the A-C; D-F; G-I; etc...format I use in the "stores" thread.

This could serve to avoid future/further problems

TheRedBarron 11-25-2006 06:53 PM

Re: Hobbyhorse Presents: Macrolineguy.com Official Launch & Thanksgiving Sale
That will be taken into consideration Druid, thank you.

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