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h3ctor 01-05-2006 12:08 AM

Tournament Unwritten rules, strats.
Hello fellas, I seem to be asking more questions then answering but doncha worry as soon as I figure most of this damn stuff out, ill be posting your answers away :)

My friends and I will be appearing at our first small tourney soon, we havent had too much practice, but are confident enough so far. Anyhoo, here is my boggle, sure most of us know a bunch of different strategies and such for tourneys but i'd like to know if you guys can inform me of different rules or things that you do that are maybe a bit over the line but still something of the norm that you do..

ie, like someone mentioned in a different thread - "bonusballing" regulated but still done, playing on.. i duno maybe thats it, but if theres anymore "tricks" i'd sure like to know, this wont be something that id most likely practice but probably something i could understand more if i see others doing.

vikingshadow 01-05-2006 04:58 AM

Re: Tournament Unwritten rules, strats.
Off the field hints - have someone RUN to get aired up between games. Sometimes, especially towards the end of the tournament, they're running people through like crazy and you won't have time to run to the air station and get back in time to chrono.

Have someone filling pods (parent, brother, fan, whoever...) in between games.

Clean your gear, uniforms, pods, gun, everything BEFORE you guys stand around talking about what happened on the field in the game. Then, when everyone's done cleaning up and getting ready for the next game, discuss the last one you played BEFORE you talk to your girlfriends, mom, whoever...

Watch your opponents play. Study them. Where do they go all the time? Who goes for the flag everytime? Who stays in what bunker every time?

Bonusballing is tricky. Overshooting is a penalty, but it's rarely called in the tournaments I play in. If you shoot too much, you risk getting it from every other team that day and getting a rep. Not shooting enough could cause the players to wipe, play on, cheat, so forth. When I player has his head ducked, hand in the air and is leaving the field with his gun up or down, then you can lighten up on him, but watch him!

I have others, but school's about to start!

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