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claustrophobia9 07-17-2006 01:54 PM

omg pretty game
this is the thread for all sorts of pretty games, please limit posts to IN ENGINE previews, ie no cinematics, only gameplay footage. also make sure your responses say which game you are talking about. here is my submission, i just got done discussing it in a 360 chat with friends.

http://xboxmovies.teamxbox.com/xbox-...rd-Definition/ (small version, you can find the large (massive) yourself if your comp can handle the massive 720p movie IN an explorer window, mine is just small enough that it doesnt, and besides that one is huge)

this is Mass Effect for the 360 (i believe its multi platform)
made by the people that made KOTOR
imo better genre of rpg than oblivion, and prettier too.


MatthewTheTheif 07-17-2006 02:29 PM

Re: omg pretty game

halo/matrix/starcraft in an RPG, pretty cool

claustrophobia9 07-17-2006 02:29 PM

Re: omg pretty game
if gears of war demo vid wasnt like 23 min long in 720 i would link to it

claustrophobia9 07-17-2006 02:35 PM

Re: omg pretty game
link ended by claus becuase of lang. find it on www.teamxbox.com under games/gears of war its the e3 demo under movies

heres the gears... that is a big nono for anyone below dsl... 287 meg. it buffers on cable for about 1-2 min before starting (if it goes faster you'll have to wait in the middle of the movie so just let it dl some more while you have it paused)

btw you watch cliffy b (teh ownerer! (not really but he does)) talk for alittle. the vid is like 17 min

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