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tigerdave714 01-04-2006 05:32 PM

What is "Stock Class"
I was doing a little research to answer a question on another forum, and thought I would post this information here as well. Just FYI...

Over the last few years, the terms "Stock Class" and "Pump" have become almost interchangable. But believe me... there is a difference! There are actually 4 different types of pump markers. Unfortunately, because there is no governing organization for pump paintball (like the NPPL or PSP for semis) there is no "official" set of rules for pump marker types and their uses. These categories will only come into play at pump-specific events, and even then a promoter has the option to make certain acceptions on the types of markers allowed. In short (and to rip off a line from an awesome movie)... they're more like guidelines than actual rules.

While they may not be officially recognized by any organization or rule book, these criteria seem to be the most widely accepted list (within reason) by the general pump community. So without further rambling... here ya go.

True stock Class:
Markers must be pump-action.
Paint must be supplied by a fixed horizontal feed tube with a capacity of 15 rounds or less.
Markers must be powered by a 12gram CO2 powerlet.
12gram changers must require manual removal of the spent powerlet. No dropouts, lever/turret changers or bulk tanks.
Triggers must require a complete pull and release after each pump cycle. No auto-trigger or pneumatic assist.

Modified Stock Class:
Markers must be pump-action.
Markers can use either a bulk tank or a direct-feed hopper, but NOT BOTH.
If using a bulk CO2 tank, capacity must be 4oz or less.
If using a direct-feed hopper, capacity must be 50 rounds or less.
Marker may be equipped with an auto-trigger, but no pneumatic assist.

Super Stock Class:
Markers must be pump action
Paint may be supplied by any size/type of feed system.
Markers can use any size/type of air source.
Auto-trigger is legal, but no pneumatic assist.

Open Pump Class:
Anything goes... as long as you still have to pump to shoot.

So what do you think? And what kind of pump do you have, based on these categories?

ttink 01-04-2006 06:31 PM

Re: What is "Stock Class"
As of now, i have a modified stock class (the Hornet). I am running the micro CA II, and its got an autotrigger stock. I dont think the pump mag has an auto trigger, and i am workin on a stick feed for it, and i do have a stock 12 gram changer (tho efficiency sux). So technically in a few weeks i will have a true stock class gun as well...

OtterSC 01-05-2006 04:19 AM

Re: What is "Stock Class"
just another article

HelpDeskHustler 08-14-2008 07:29 AM

Re: What is "Stock Class"
Just an update on this since I feel there may be discrepancies between mainstream tournament rules.

NPPL OSC uses what they call "open class" rules. However, To my knowledge, Their ruling is that the marker must fire one loading per one complete pump, where the stroke of the pump must be a 1:1 ratio with the movement of the bolt. There is some grey area, and Mq'd cockers ARE allowed. They use a 60rd limit, all paint must be checked in BEFORE you chrono, 3 shots are required.

Also, I feel like stock class ruling may be different. I've been told dropouts ARE allowed as long as a knob or housing is unscrewed more than 2 turns, but slam changers and things which hold more than 1 12g are not allowed.

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