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killerpinecone 01-01-2006 07:01 PM

I have a 2005 Acs electra and i am looking to buy a barrel looking to spend about 80.00 dollars any suggestions???

bamf-hacker 01-01-2006 07:34 PM

Re: Barrel
I have a CP 2 piece and love it. For 80 bucks you could get one or two backs and a front. And with that you could add more later if you wanted to.


vikingshadow 01-01-2006 08:03 PM

Re: Barrel
Unless you're buying a kit or a setup like what Hacker mentioned, 80.00 is too much for a barrel, in my opinion.

CP's are good, or look for a J&J Edge kit in that price range. They're really good - I really like mine! You could possibly find a used kit in that range as well.

treyboy1126 01-01-2006 10:33 PM

Re: Barrel
a nice barrel that i just bought for my electra is the Evil Driver... dead accurate and not that expensive... on most websites it runs for sround 60-80 dollars but in the eBay stores they are only 41 dollars and free shipping... they have pretty nice color.... the one i got is black fading to blue. looks awesome on the electra! hope i helped

OtterSC 01-02-2006 03:36 AM

Re: Barrel
read Barrels - F.A.Q. for help. good companies to look at are CP, DYE, J&J, Lapco, and Smart Parts. good barrels should not cost more than $60. no need to look at the $90+ ones. you will not get any more performance. although, a multiple barrel bore "kit" is nice to have that i can see spending over $100. except for the flat line, there is no barrel that will have better range or accuracy over another barrel. the best length should be between 12" and 14". anything longer and you use more gas. a good Paint to Barrel match helps with accuracy and range.

killerpinecone 01-02-2006 08:38 AM

Re: Barrel
Thx for all the help guys i am leaning towards the evil driver.

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