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hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:06 AM

regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale
if you have question or need more pictures email me at hmcl110@yahoo.com.
i take paypal, money order and check but will place a hold on mo and checks.
prices does not include shipping cost, the minimum i charge for shipping and handing will be $3.50. the shipping does not include insurance, if u want it insured there will be an extra fee. i mainly ship through usps.

i'm willing to ship out of the country but paypal payment only. no insurance or tracking number, you are purchasing on your own risk. i am not responsible for non delivery, all the package i have shiped have been received by the buyer. all i will provide is the custom number. if you want insurance shipping is going to be about 30 to 40 plus the cost of insurance.

sorry not looking for any trades at this time

ttt has first dibs

click to enlarge

$85 for the chrome 2 liter reg
$70 for the newer style sw reg
sold $60 for the older style sw reg sold

sold $30 for the blue reg sold
$20 for the silver reg

sold $35 for the cp on/off with rail sold
sold $25 for the eclipse on/off with rail sold

$10 for each small rail in the left pic
$2 for each drop in the right pic

$5 for each gauge in the left pic
$10 for each gauge in the right pic
sold 600 psi bob long sold
sold 1200 psi sold

$10 for the wgp reg rebuild kit in the right pic
$.50 for each wgp washer for reg
$1 for each other item for wgp reg

$1 for each speed feed
sold bottom right speed feed sold

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:07 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$150 for catapult body
does not come with internals and threading on feed is really worn

$175 for rudy dean with ans frame
does not come with internals and need a valve spring spacer

$150 for esfl
comes with internals

sold $225 for fastback prototype body sold
come with internals

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:09 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$275 for merlin body kit
comes with reg and barrel

$175 for delrin mini half block body
does not come with internals

$65 for mini mid block orracle body
just the body, no internals

$85 for mid block ss with karni fb
just the body no internals

$10 for either the red or blue wgp 3 way
sold $25 for the palmer 3 way sold
$15 for the st 3 way, missing the rod

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:10 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$15 for chrome ans lpr
$35 for top chrome eclipse ram
$40 for bottom chrome eclipse ram
$20 for belsale 3 way

$13 for the black wgp ram
$10 for each of the ans ram
sold $40 for the black eclipse ram sold
sold $15 for the red st ram sold

$25 for each qev

$25 for the palmer lpr
$25 for the red st lpr
sold $15 for the black wgp lpr sold
sold $40 for the black scm lpr sold
$90 for each silver scm lpr
pending top silver scm lpr pending

$1 for each item, damaged scratched

$10 for each ans valve
$10 for the karni ivg with broken prong
$20 for ccm ivg
$15 for blue delrin ivg
$15 for kapp ivg

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:11 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$20 for each 2k lpc
$3 for each pre 2k banjo bolt

sold $13 for the aka pull pin sold
$8 for the ans pull pin
$4 for each metal pull pin
$12 for the black ccm pull pin
$8 for each delrin pull pin

$13 for each detent
sold st detent sold

$15 for each cocker threaded feed
sold blue feed sold
sold bottom left black feed sold

$20 for the silver ccm meril thread feed
$13 for the silver/blue merlin thread feed, came off of a works
$5 for each of the black macdev merlin thread feed

sold $20 for the ego feed neck sold
$15 for the right feed neck adapter, meant to go over a stock feedneck

$5 for each feed cap

$30 for the silver mini fb
$40 for the black mini fb

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:12 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$10 for each vertical asa

$2 for each of the chrome, blue or black fb
$5 for the silver or green fb

$15 for each e2 delrin trigger, 2 on the left
$15 for the 05/06 ego trigger

$23 for each eblade eye
$8 for each eye cover
$3 for each karni noid wire cover

sold $125 for the blue mq1 valve sold
should be able to make another set with the parts in my mq bin

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:15 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

sold $75 for fbm fierce frame sold
semi mod for eblade board, need more work to it

$25 for bare chrome e2 frame
$50 for bare black e2 frame
$25 for bare red e1 frame, no sear noid
$25 for bare black worr blade frame

$5 fore each eblade panel grip in the left pic
$20 for the e2 grip
$20 for the ego grip
$15 for the xonic eblade grip

$30 for each e2 noid cover with mini manifold plate
$25 for each cocking noid
$50 for complete chrome e2 noid and cover
$60 for complete black e2 noid and cocker

$.50 for each noid mounting screw
$3 for each eblade sear
$1 for each eblade spring
$1 for each eblade pin
$3 for each eblade button
sold $2 for each board mounting screw all sold
$.50 for each eblade board grub screw

$8 for each timing rod
$13 for each cocking rod
pending red st cocking rod pending

$10 for the blue pre 2k delrin bolt, missing bolt detent
sold $20 for the half moon tail sold

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:18 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$65 for chrome eclipse frame
$13 for nickel wgp cage on/off

$3 for each sear, trigger, trigger sear or safety

$3 for the left panel grip
$10 for the old dye panel grip

$4 for the left grip
$7 for the middle grip
$3 for the right grip

$5 for each grip, been cut into

$20 for the scope
$15 for the barrel shroud
$13 for the fake suppressor
$5 for the foregrip

$10 for the green molle harness
$10 for the empire pack
$25 for the qloader pack

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:19 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$175 for gx4
more pics here
Gx4 Photos by hmcl110 | Photobucket

$80 for t8 with case
will not come with a mag

$75 for pm5
when i went to air it up air seem to be leaking out of the bolt, do not know much about them. was working fine the last time i aired it. has eye installed

sold $25 for the blue/black profiler sold
$8 for the grey vforce
$33 for the green/black jt

hmcl281 01-13-2014 09:20 AM

Re: regs, on/off and cocker parts for sale

$1 for either the jt visor or bottom
$2 for each JT Axiom FX10 in the right pic

$40 for the freak insert set
$8 for the freak case

$4 for each old style kaner front or back

$13 for the short blue ans barrel
$8 for the black wgp barrel
$15 for the other 2 cocker threaded barrel

$15 for the silver ul tip
$50 for the stiffi ul tip
$35 for the gloss black ul back .686 bore
$8 for the proto back

$5 for each barrel cover

sold $25 for empire barrel case, holds 6 barrel sold

$20 for each aka pump arm, full body
$12 for mini timing rod

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