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dizzy 05-15-2012 05:29 PM

FS: Spyder Day Pack, 5+4 harness and barrel condom
So I'm looking to sell 3 BRAND NEW things! I won these on a forum contest a while ago and never used them so I figured I'd sell them to someone who could use them.

Prices are just for the items. I'm open to offers on the Day Pack. You pay shipping. All of these items will be shipped through USPS, but UPS can be arranged if you prefer (I cannot do Fedex or DHL since their closest locations are miles away).

Paypal or cash (if local). I can do MO, but I will not ship until it clears.

1. Spyder barrel condom - Straight forward. Camo. $5.

2. Spyder 5+4 harness - Seems like a very solid piece. I had it storing some extra empty pods that I had so it's still brand new. I had a Redz pack so I never used this one. Apparently these go for $20. I'll do $12.

3. Spyder Day Pack - It's been sitting in my closet, brand new, with tags still on (3rd pic). All its held inside is the harness and barrel condom. They go for $40-45. I'll do $30.

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