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spyderon 03-23-2012 10:01 AM

Custom LP MR2 w/eyes Blance Valve internals @ 240psi
After toying around with my MR1 & VS3, I had an idea! Since the body looked more or less identical on the inside, I figure why not run the LP Balance valve from the VS3 in a MR1? Well it looked like it would work during a test run swap, but I had to plug the 1 hammer bleed hole and drill out 3 smaller ones, but why bother on a simple MR1... I need something with eyes! I got a hold of a busted MR2 w/eyes, fixed it and then did my thing...... plugged the 2 valve pin retainer holes, plugged the air bleed hammer hole, drilled 3 smaller bleed holes, added the Spyder balance valve, spring & shorty hammer, then modded the fore grip to fit a v2 LP CP Regulator with gauge, dremmeled the Bolt air entry hole to look like a VS3 bolt and also added epoxy resin to the inside of the bolt to form an angled air flow just like the VS3 bolt , also a JJ 14" Barrel , Rotor and with a small amount of milling, I added the VS3 velocity adjuster. Tested out today and WOW, very impressed. I only wish I could get my SLY Carbon barrel kit to fit, but that may be the next mod.

I will be using it tomorrow at Yankee Paintball to give it it's final test!

Here is a link of it shooting in Full auto (semi would have been boring)


TheDarkShadow 03-23-2012 03:33 PM

Re: Custom LP MR2 w/eyes Blance Valve internals @ 240psi
dude, thats awesome! its nice to see some sick spyder modding again.

spyderon 03-26-2012 05:39 AM

Re: Custom LP MR2 w/eyes Blance Valve internals @ 240psi
:mad: so... played on Saturday and it didn't go so well. After a few chrono shots, a ball busted coming out of the barrel. JJ Barrel looked clean so I did some long range practice shots and noticed serious curves, so I tossed the marker in my gear bag and used my back up. I took the MR2 apart that night and noticed that the epoxy in the bolt that formed a 45 degree air flow angled had self destructed, leaving a sticky residual behind and must of really thrown off the air flow (curved trajectory) as I was chrono'd at approx. 300 psi too. I took a VS3 bolt... dremmeled out new dual detent grooves, cut off the back end by about an inch, drilled a horizontal hole for the compression pin... and now the bolt is a true VS3 modded bolt to go with the VS3 Balance valve, striker spring and mini striker. Testing it maybe tomorrow.

ferret15 05-05-2012 12:51 PM

Re: Custom LP MR2 w/eyes Blance Valve internals @ 240psi
i love like this.

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