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Sabbath 03-22-2012 01:07 PM

Looking at markers(MR4)
Looking at some good markers and spyder seems to be the one my friends send me to the most often. I don't know how these really start so I'll start off with my play style

I generally play in scenario and wood ball games, capture the flag, eliminate the team, defend the bunker and sniper trail(love that game). Generally as a player I like to find a good kneeling spot and fire off at the opposing team from a distance. I've only played at a field twice and both time were with a rental(As I still haven't gotten my gun working as of yet.). They gave us some tippman 98 with stock barrels and such and they were fun to play with but I wanted to bring in something more to my play style and get a longer distance to my game.

So I looked up some good markers that were in my price range(0-200) and the mr4 stood out to me. Originally I was told to buy used from the field owners as they are cheaper but my friends tell me that unless you familar with how a paintball gun works, it is best to get a new one and work off that one.

Anyways my question here is, is the MR4 good for a beginner for one and someone who likes to create a distance between the other players? If so, a 14 inch barrel is what I want for this right? I've heard anything past 16 inch only decreases performance.
IF the MR4 isn't what you recommend, what do you recommend?

Thank you and if I left anything out, please do tell.

TheDarkShadow 03-23-2012 03:28 PM

Re: Looking at markers(MR4)
essentially, all spyders are the same in how they work. Spyders are simple markers to take apart and clean. The MR4 is just a military style marker and has an EKO valve that helps efficiency and has a single trigger frame so it wont be the fastest shooting marker out there. As far as distance most markers will be about the same, what will help is a good paint to barrel bore ratio. The length of the barrel doesnt make that much of difference and is more of a preference. The longer the barrel, the easier it will be to shoot through some brush but it can be that much more of a chore to get around.

substance 04-05-2012 03:38 PM

Re: Looking at markers(MR4)
I picked up a spyder mr4 like last mo. I have played with it on cheap paint and marbalizers. Its not the fastest shoot. The eko valve came thru, and was really good. I got it over at ultimatepaintball.com with a complete pkg. For 165 and free 5 to 8 day shipping. Which was really nice. As for the gun. It comes with the standard 12 in. Barrel. I just started so the gun is nice. Alot of people in the field use tipman guns. A bit more pricier. My spyder held up, and i got a good number of kills. It maxes out at 300psi which isnt bad, its legal.

I will be looking into an apex2 16in barrel. (45 bucks on amazon) i was thinking about an e trigger. But i think i like a more calm shot.

Check out the ultimate paintball site. They have good deals. Its not the 2012 mr4 pro. (Only diff. Is the stock and the carying handle) but the co2 conservation works nice!

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