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STRIKEFIRST 03-03-2012 11:28 AM

Big Sale - Chrono, Guns all Has to go... :(
I'm trying to finish building an AR-15 for some comp. shoots this spring...so the wife said I have to make some room...so here it goes! ALL PRICES ARE OBO

PM for quick response.

Spyder VS2 Blue Body Kit, Bob Long Gauge...all stock...spare set of eyes and charger, spare screws etc. - Like New (no barrel) NEEDS BOARD

$40 Shipped OBO SOLD

X-Radar...with bag and directions...BPS and FPS

$45 Shipped OBO - SOLD

Freak Barrel Parts: (Like New)

Spyder threaded back - $20 Shipped OBO
Stainless inserts: .689, .691, .693 SOLD
14" blue front - $15 Shipped
14" red front - $15 Shipped SOLD
12" Purple Front - $15 Shipped SOLD
Case - $15 Shipped OBO

Blue front and case $23 Shipped OBO

Pure Energy 68/3000, with NXE tank cover and thread cover, like new, holds pressure - OUT OF HYDRO - Will pass or will refund you

$36 shipped OBO SOLD

Proto Mask Thermal with carry bag, new spare thermal lens and tubo fan.

$40 Shipped OBO SOLD

2 c02 tanks out of hydro. 6 thread covers (thread covers gone), spare spyder parts (rocket valve rebuild not included. barrel socks. Blue CP VS2 regulator adapter (silver is gone). (Hopper blown x board REVY SOLD). new shell, lid and impeller. 4 barrel swabs (swabs gone), 2 vl 200 loaders, 1 45degree elbow.


Eggy 2 w/ battery mod

$28 shipped OBO SOLD

STRIKEFIRST 03-03-2012 11:33 AM

Re: Big Sale - Chrono, Guns all Has to go... :(
NXE NX-SP41 - New
NXE 4 pod plus tank pouch - Used
Redz Neck Protector - New
JT loaner mask rubber trimmed shorter - Used

$32 shipped OBO for the lot

Bob Long Z body with feedneck and iron cross eye covers average condition

$26 shipped OBO

Pods - These are tough gray with a metal flake. 16 total half are new, other half are like new

$32 shipped SOLD

STRIKEFIRST 03-12-2012 07:52 PM

Re: Big Sale - Chrono, Guns all Has to go... :(
Let's make a deal! :)

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