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Speedfreak11 02-06-2012 05:33 PM

Electra 09 w/EYE bolt/body problem
Hi. New here. I recently got a new Electra 09 w/EYE, my first Spyder. As I do with all new markers, I pulled it apart to check it out. When I pulled out the bolt, it was really tight. I had to go back and forth while pulling it, and I found a burr on the frame that put some pretty deep gouges in the bolt. It was a birthday present, and I have no receipt, so the warranty is useless (I called). Is this type of milling error common with Spyder markers? I ran a search and found at least one other person with the same problem, but there were no viable solutions. Any suggestions?

shunut 02-06-2012 07:49 PM

Re: Electra 09 w/EYE bolt/body problem
First of all, Welcome to the forum!

Where exactly is the burr on the frame? Is it possible to take pictures of the burr?

Could you take pictures of the bolt and the gouges?

Without seeing anything these are the suggestions I have:

1. File/sand out the burr. I would start with a file, get the burr down and as smooth as possible. Then I would smooth it out with sand paper, starting with 600-800 grit, working up to 2000 grit, just to make sure its smooth. After this is all done, I would try the bolt and see how it moves.

2. If the bolt still feels tight, I would sand down the bolt, again using 6-800 grit to start. I would sand it a little bit, then test fit it, and repeat until it seems to be moving smoothly. You don't want it too loose, otherwise you will lose considerable efficiency, but you do want it to move freely. Once it seems to be moving okay, smooth the bolt out using progressively finer sand paper, up to 2000 grit.

If you do any of what I have said above, take your time, go slow, and take off as little material as possible.

Speedfreak11 02-13-2012 03:10 PM

Re: Electra 09 w/EYE bolt/body problem
Ok, so I finally got a minute to get some pictures. They are as good as I can do. When you insert the bolt, it literally shaves it on its way in, both top and bottom. I've got some small round files, and I'm going to try to smooth the area where it's inserted and see how that does. I just picked up a techt bolt for it, and really don't want to screw the new bolt up. Ok, now I have to figure out how to post the pics...

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