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vikingshadow 10-23-2011 04:30 PM

End of an Era Sale, Part dos
Part two of my sales bonanza. I hate to do this, but I really, really, really need the money, and since I don't play anymore - maybe this is a chance to give someone the pleasure I've had with this equipment. Either way, it's a sad day for me, but a necessary one. Heads up, I'm giving SOC the first chance at this sale - in two days it's going to the Nation and Ebay. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy my stuff - I want it to go to people I trust! (This will actually take awhile to post everything, so be patient! This thread is for my actual markers. :( )


1. ALL sales final.
2. Prices do NOT reflect shipping. You will pay for that.
3. Everything comes AS IS. (See rule #3a)
3a. I was a player. As such ALL my equipment (unless otherwise stated) has been tournament, rec and woodsball tested. The item will most likely have little marks on them, but I tried very hard to take care of it.
4. ALL sales are OBO (Or Best Offer). However, I've tried to be fair, and I need money FAST, so my list is what I'd really like to see. Shoot me an offer though - worst I can say is no thank you!
5. Shipping Insurance will be paid by me for items more than $50.00.
6. I reserve the right to refuse service, though I never have. Yet! :p
7. Finally, please do not clutter up my thread - Post here if you're interested, then send me a PM. I'll receive something that way!
8. Paypal or money order ONLY. NO trades.
9. You pay, I ship. Period.

Vforce Profilers - LOVE LOVE LOVE this mask! If I was still playing, I wouldn't even come close to considering anything else. Played in, but in great condition as you can see. Even the strap is not curled.

Asking $40 OBO.

If you buy this mask, I'll sell all these extra lenses for $10.00 extra. Otherwise, they'll be $10.00 each. Two clear, one smoke, and one Amber (excellent for indoor, cloudy days or playing in the woods.)

vikingshadow 10-23-2011 04:47 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos

Reloader B and Eggy II. I prefer the Reloader B to any loader I've used. Haven't used the Eggy in several years, but it was perfect last I used it. It has that upgrade board in it, what was it? The Z Board? Checked it over closely and there are no cracks or chips in either shell.

Pics of me using the Reloader in my last tournament.

Reloader B - SOLD!!!!!
Eggy II - asking $30.00 OBO


Redz Dimension pack - have to admit that this pack is worn. I used it for years before making an upgrade. Material is in awesome shape, maybe a slight stain on it, but the velcro is a little worn. One of my favorite packs of all time. Comes with the comfort belt system.

Asking $25.00 OBO.

My newest pack, Empire Liquid Pack - I fell in love with this pack the first time my sponsor showed it to me. It has a pattern that a camera just can't catch well, but it's pretty cool. The velcro is the strongest I've seen and it has an adjuster strap to make it fit perfectly. Here's my review from when I got it.

http://www.spyder.tv/forums/showthre...+Liquid+Pac k

vikingshadow 10-23-2011 05:00 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos

I have two awesome tanks that I have to let go for cheap - they are BOTH out of hydro (about 20-30 bucks and you got yourself a new tank). The System X has a new regulator on it (ACI adjustable Bulldog regulator) and is a 68/4500 tank. The Pure Energy is older of the two, but not as well used as this is a 68/3000 tank. Both can be sold with or without the tank covers, it's just gonna cost a tiny bit more for the covers if you choose that route.

Pure Energy 68/3000

System X 68/4500 with ACI Bulldog reg

Tanks without covers - System X, $60.00 OBO
Pure Energy, $50.00 OBO

With covers, add $5.00 to each.


Redz elbow pads and Franklin Volleyball knee pads. Best pads I've used - most comfort without slipping at all. I used them EVERY time I played or practiced and they are just as good now as they were then. Washed after every day of play as well, so not that gross! When I knelt in the knee pads it was like kneeling on a pillow, I kid you not. And when I got hit in the forearms, hardly felt it, and dives were WONDERFUL. Excellent bounce producers as well.

Elbow pads - $25.00 OBO
Knee pads - $5.00 + Shipping firm

30 bucks plus shipping gets protection for your arms and knees!

vikingshadow 10-23-2011 05:16 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos

What can I say? Best squeegies on the market - Redz and Dye Fuzzy sticks. Of course, these are used but in pretty decent shape - cleaned after each day of play/use.

Price - $5.00 each for the swabs and loader cleaner. $25.00 for the whole lot of swabs!

Redz barrel swab, Dye Fuzzy stick and pull through SOLD!!!

$8.00 for the Empire Lanyard and $3.00 for the Straight Shot squeeqie on top, or $10.00 for both.

Buy them all and I'll through the pull through squeeqie in for free! Otherwise, $2.00 for the pull through.

Headband and Barrel Condoms

Some of you may remember when I started making head wraps and head bands several years ago. This is the only one I have left. I wore it during one tournament. It's a little frayed along the edges but has a LOT of wear left in it - how cool is it to rock the good ol' USA flag during a tournament?

Headband - $10.00 as it's handmade and one of a kind.
Barrel Condoms - $5.00 bucks each


Radar Chron - excellent shape, never been shot at all. Velcro in good condition, foam and box as well. My own personal one, so it was treated well! The yellow dot on the screen is from the flash - it's not actually there.

Chronograph SOLD!!!!!


$1.00 plus shipping each. Excellent deal for throw away pods!


Almost a full pod of reballs (approx 170 balls - haven't counted in a while). Includes pod. Very clean and in excellent condition.

Asking $30.00 OBO.

vikingshadow 10-23-2011 05:33 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos

Two sandanas for sale. One old one, and one newish one.

Not sure if the old one is rare or not, so if it is, give me an HONEST offer, ok? I'll start at $15.00 right now for it, and go up or down depending on what I find out.

New one. Asking 25.00 for this one. It's in perfect condition.

Gun bag

Got this for my shocker on a sponsorship deal, but it may fit the newer guns just as well since they're smaller now. Heavy duty Neoprene with a heavy duty zipper. Perfect for keeping it safe if you don't want a hard case for your shooter!

Asking $15.00.


Worn. First two fingers cut. 'Nuf said. The blue Redz ones have a hole in the thumb (crappy gloves). The others are in decent condition. Either way, all three will protect your hands while leaving your shooting fingers free to wiggle!

$5.00 plus shipping each. All three pair for $10.00 plus shipping.

Empire Tank Cover

Sponsorship deal, but never used it. In EXCELLENT condition!

$10.00 bucks OBO

Dye Lock Lid Pods


vikingshadow 10-24-2011 05:13 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos
Ok guys, lots of looks but no offers? This is good stuff and in great condition! Give another day then it goes to other forums and eBay - get it while you can!

vikingshadow 10-27-2011 06:04 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos
Going once.....

vikingshadow 10-28-2011 05:41 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos
Going twice......

big_daddy_d 10-30-2011 04:30 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos
Free up brOther sucks to see you have to leave the sport I'm looking for a on/off and rail black in color

vikingshadow 10-30-2011 05:24 PM

Re: End of an Era Sale, Part dos
Thanks, man - it does suck indeed. If I end up parting my rail, I'll shoot you a deal!

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