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mazzon 09-13-2011 04:25 PM

vs1 tadao m7 problem.
got the board last fall. never got to use it till this year never really worked right. I was having trouble with it engaging the sear. Changed the to dwell up to 11, then worked ok. Had a different spring in it (smaller pirahna. I put back in the 4'' 1/8th) Got new ones off ebay. I can't get it to shoot fast at all. Its was almost like the tourny lock was on but its not. It does cycle without air. It doesn't go past 2balls on full auto, or anything fast. I've had my gun for a while 3-4years so maybe my battery isn't good enough anymore. My capacitor isn't buldging.
I ran out of air so I will have to try next time I go out

dwell -11
delay -10
debounce -5

mazzon 09-14-2011 08:36 PM

Re: vs1 tadao m7 problem.
Did some further testing. my spyder 9.6v runs at 10.5vdc.
-when under load it drops down to 7.96v- 8.03v. so a significant drop off, not enought to strike the sear with the black spring i got off ebay.
-I then hooked my gun up to my table top power supply and set the voltage at 10.5vdc. with the hardest spring. and it worked good and only skipped a beat once or twice. So I went on ebay and got some new batteries 9.6v 230mah x3 try some in my fasta.
the stock spyder 9.6v's are only 170mah so this might give a better recovery rate on the battery so they don't dip bellow 8v. Ill keep you posted when I get them in. I also polished the striker solinoid pin. and cut a notch in the sear end because I was getting problems with the striker catching the sear. Hopefully this solves the problem.

mazzon 09-29-2011 08:44 AM

Re: vs1 tadao m7 problem.
put brand new battery from the box wouldn't work. tested 10.6vdc. then i fully charged it, and it started working. I havn't gotten to do it with air yet or full auto but I expect it to work.

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