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1st Strike Scenarios 09-03-2011 09:10 AM

SOCOM: The only easy day was yesterday
September 17, 2011 SOCOM

This year the 1st Strike September classic will be Phase Two of SOCOM.

On the run for two years, Alexander Volchkov has resurfaced in Chile. After connecting with a Communist revolutionary, high-level officials in Chile's government have begun disappearing and dying of unnatural causes, to say the least. The occurrences have all the signatures of Volchkov and now the SEALs have been called in to help quietly resolve the delicate matter of the country's missing Minister of the Interior. The US Navy SEALs will need to work quickly to unravel the reasoning behind Volchkov's sudden activity and bring back the Minister unharmed. Failure to do so could have dire consequences for the political stability of Chile.

On September 17th, join Battlefront Paintball and 1st Strike Scenarios for SOCOM: The Only Easy Day was Yesterday. Additional information can be found on the 1st Strike website at: www.1st-Strike-Paintball.com

Pre reg will be $25.00....pay at the door is $35.00.
Pre Reg will end Wednesday before the game.

There will be a film crew at the field most of the day. 3 cameras will be doing videos of the event for a local TV documentary on paintball. During filming, Keine Nasebohren oder Kugel Kratzen erlaubt!!!

Pre-register at www.battlefrontpaintball.com/calendar

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